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About Us

DRUZI is a modern digital Ukrainian radio for Ukrainians living in Estonia and Estonians interested in Ukraine.

  • DRUZI Radio is a platform that brings together two cultures and allows the audience to enjoy both Ukrainian and Estonian music and information.
  • Our Mission
  • We support harmonious cultural exchange and contribute to the preservation and development of Ukrainian identity in Estonia.

Only on DRUZI Radio

  • Ukrainian music - the best hits of Ukrainian artists of all genres, from popular songs to rock and folk. Enjoy your favorite music and discover new artists.

  • Modern Estonian hits - learn Estonian by singing along.

  • Information and news related to the Ukrainian community in Estonia. You will always be informed about important events.

  • Cultural programs - interesting programs about Ukrainian and Estonian culture, history, traditions, and gastronomy. Learn more about your roots and Estonia.

  • Language balance - DRUZI radio speaks and sings in Ukrainian, and information is also provided in English and Estonian to promote integration into Estonian society.

  • Educational language programs for adults and children. Learn Ukrainian and Estonian languages with DRUZI radio!